When is old?

I went to see my new primary care doc this week, and the first thing she asked me was, “have you considered using a quad cane?”


It felt as though she had asked me if I had picked out a headstone yet.

I use a cane.  Have for years.  It’s hand- carved, with roses cascading down from a brass handle.

It is the cane of a woman with some style.

I will be 75 on the 18th of April.  I have multiple health problems.  I am in pain almost all the time.  I am in the process of pondering the meaning of life and the fleetness of time.

BUT IT HAS NEVER CROSSED MY MIND TO USE A QUAD CANE.  IT’s like a flashing red neon sign that flashes old age.

So I will continue to consider 75 and what it means.

5 thoughts on “When is old?

  1. Now that I’ve joined you in the 70’s, NINETY is OLD! And we are not THERE yet!
    Isn’t it funny how so many things change as our perception changes?

  2. I’m going to be 70 in June. It just does not compute. My brain still tells me I’m 13. I remember seeing an article in our local paper about a minor traffic accident. They described the woman involved as “elderly.” I think she was about 65. I yelled “ELDERLY???” and threw the paper across the room.

  3. When I was eleven my grandfather died. My surviving grandfather proclaimed him to have lived to be a ripe old age …sixty-six. Seem reasonable at eleven. At fifty-one and on the fortieth anniversary of my grandfather’s death, I can assure you that sixty-six seems neither ripe nor old.

    I think as long as you get to decide how old you are, then you are old. Keep walking that cane, lady and forget the quad thing.


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