Laughing in the darkness


IT ‘s been a rough couple rough couple rough, I say, rough


been a rough couple of months.

It began with my husband’s elective surgery to repair a major heart valve.

Open heart elective surgery.  He was in the cardiac ICU. He began bleeding so badly they had to take him back for open heart surgery again.  This time, not elective.

there was a brief stint in rehab, which for some reason he blamed me for.  (Anesthetic hangover?)

Then he came home.  For ten hours.

That ended when I called 911, shortly after which his eyes rolled back in his head and he stopped breathing.

Back in the ICU, he was diagnosed with pneumonia (definitely not elective).

After some time (it is mostly a blur), he came home, coughing and wheezing.  He is still being visited at home 2x a week by the nurse.  He also sees a physical therapist at home, and saw an occupational therapist a couple of times.


Suddenly, my beloved standard poodle Billie, began having a nosebleed.  Our regular vet came and said she needed to go to the hospital.

She was there two days and was diagnosed with IMT, an auto immune blood disorder.  It is serious stuff.  She is on Prednisone and a couple of other drugs.  If she doesn’t make it, I will die. (Not elective.)

All this time, Donald Trump has been President.  I blame him for this.

(he was really non-elective.)



10 thoughts on “Laughing in the darkness

  1. I’m reeling from taking all this in – you’re toughing it out, I can tell, but it sounds like one huge body-blow after another. Thinking of you with the warmest thoughts – praying that things will be better. XXX

  2. Any part of ‘getting to know’ the Cardiac ICU is a roller coaster ride and everything there after, for a bit. Make time to be kind and gentle to yourself while he goes through “the process”, physical and mental rehab are his own. I can tell you, it’s his journey and you are riding shotgun.
    Hope all you, your fella and your pup are all on the mend.


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