Thanks to the Members of the Academy….

My favorite blogger, dearlilyjune, has nominated me for

I am honored, because she’s a writer I greatly respect.  But I also feel like a real piker, since I have been blogging for only a year, and sporadically at that.

So I am suppose to answer some questions, and nominate some other blogs.  Undeserving as I feel, here goes:

Why did you start writing your blog in the first place?

To reach back and pull my writing chops out of the dumper after a long series of physical illnesses.

What is your favorite book?

Really?  One? Nonsense!  I love them all…their touch, their smell.  Libraries are church for me….


What do dislike the most?

Unkindness, selfies, drunk people

What Food do you like most from the mall?

Martinis with three olives from California Pizza Kitchen!

What is your favorite pastime/activity?

Netflix.  There.  I said it, and I’m unashamed.  I’m old and retired.

My nominees are:



3 Iambeggingmymothernottoreadthisblog .com

4 Aging Gracefully, my

My reasons for nominating these six are that they consistently catch my eye,touch my heart, teach me something new, or make me laugh my ass off.  If you are nominated, answer the questions, use the award logo, and nominate 12 (I know I did 6) other bloggers you think deserve to be thusly nominated.

P.S.  This was the hardest-to-write blog I’ve written.  It put in my head the biggest case of writer’s block.  This has taken me a month to compose! And it’s not my best stuff!













2 thoughts on “Thanks to the Members of the Academy….

  1. There’s something very crippling about being called an “entertainer.” Writing on command (in an entertaining way) is, for me, like being forced to pee in one of those little cups they hand you at the doctor’s. I struggled in the same way when I was nominated (and then took a LOT longer than a month to respond, mind you.)

    And yet, I think you’ve pulled ut off beautifully (the writing, not urinating!) And I’m sorry for subjecting you to such anxiety!

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