Hoop Dreams


When my mother was in high school, she was a basketball player.  She led her team to win state championships.

She was beautiful, quick and a no-net shooter.

Then she fell in love with my father.  They married, and had four children. She didn’t touch a basketball for decades.

One afternoon, she was carrying a load of laundry across the lawn and into the house while my brothers were playing basketball on the driveway.  They called out to her teasingly, “Hey Mom, take a shot.”  She was at least thirty feet from the basket.  She set the load of clothes on the ground, turned, and invited them to throw the ball to her.  They did, thinking she wouldn’t even be able to catch it.

She caught it expertly, aimed, and threw it into the basket. No net.  My brothers stood there with their mouths open as she, without a word, picked up the load of laundry and walked into the house.

Two lessons here:  1. Some dreams never die.  2. Do not underestimate the people you love, because you never know what magic they are capable of.





8 thoughts on “Hoop Dreams

      1. Linda, with your blog, it’s always both: the story AND the way you’ve rendered it. They’re inseparable, aren’t they? If another person had told it, it wouldn’t be the same story…

        Anyway, thanks for the well-wishes!

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