An Angel Quite Aware

Suzy, my friend of 50 years, is a swearing, compassionate, mother-earth, livesaving  angel.

What I am about to share is a horror story that demonstrates all of these qualities.

One day about 30 years ago, we decided to go riding at a nearby stable. When we arrived, there was a lot of activity in the grooming area.  One horse, a very large thoroughbred, was slated for the show ring the next day, and its owner was entering the room, leading the nervous horse to the area where she could bathe him.

The horror story began just then. Someone had carelessly left a broom propped against the wall, and the horse knocked it over. The noise threw the horse into a panic, and he started wildly backing up, heading for us.  Suzy pushed me back against the wall and pressed herself against it too as the terrified horse brushed past us , then turned, ran back into the grooming area. Suzy saved my life.

He reared up, and his hoof knocked off the protective round cap of a metal tethering post. He came down and impaled himself through the chest.  All these years later,  I can still hear the screams of the horse,  of all the people, and the voice of Suzy yelling, “get a gun.”

There was no gun. Well, there was one, but it was locked in the owner’s house and they were away. Suzy swore.

Everyone ran out of the barn.  Everyone except Suzy and me.  Suzy sat down and cradled the dying horse’s head in her lap, calming him a bit.  Every few seconds, he would kick his hind legs against the barn wall. Finally Suzy told me to go outside.  I ran, covering my ears against the drumming of the hoofs.  Suzy did not want the horse to die alone.  Suzy the compassionate mother earth.

It didn’t take him long to bleed out. But the memory of the horror, the smell of blood and the bleach Suzy and I came back with in the middle of that night to throw on the bloody walls and floors after the horse had been removed…those things remain.

Suzy the angel.image



8 thoughts on “An Angel Quite Aware

  1. I’ll never forget how Suzy came into town and in the most incredible whirlwind I’ve ever seen, sorted, organized and cleaned Linda’s entire three story Victorian Townhouse and prepared it to sale. One evening I came to help, Linda and I made it through about 2 boxes of Christmas decorations and were completely overwhelmed. Suzy is AMAZING!

  2. Linda, I did not remember that you were there for that terrible day! But yes, my mom amazes me often! She is the best mom and friend a person can hope for! Thanks for sharing the story! Love you,

  3. She sounds like one strong, sensible, intelligent woman!! This is an example of good leadership material, I wisps have we had running for office!

  4. I have been skiing once in my life. With Suzy. It was Amy’s senior class trip and we went to
    Colorado with a bus load of 18 year olds. A senior trip anywhere is risky business but Suzy is fearless and I knew the whole experience would be a “hoot”, which was Suzy’s go-to word for anything that looked like it might be one of those. Suzy was simply checking kids into the rental place for skis when her first opportunity (on this trip) for saving an animal presented itself. A big white poodle, hair coat matted to the hilt. She spent most of one day with a vet who didn’t really know what to do carving a dog out of a hair ball that was so tangled it was tearing the dogs’ skin. NOT why she went to Colorado. But it WAS why she was put on this earth. To help helpless creatures who are in pain. To be the best of friends and best caregiver to relatives or anyone else she loves. To be loved herself
    by anyone who knows her for 5 minutes.
    Suzy is an all around original. God made a couple of copies, but Suzy is precisely what Linda said….an earth mother with a heart as big as Secretariat. Never question her judgement. For all of her imagination and whimsy, she is the most mature and quick thinking woman I’ve ever known. There is NO one more compassionate, but if Suzie Stoner ever says “Get a gun”, don’t ask her why. Just do it. It will be the best and only thing to do.

    Gale Boutwell

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