I made it!  I went from thinking this would be a breezy walk in the park to feeling my deepest heart was spilling all over these pages!

While I’m here, I might say a word about sleep.  Or lack thereof.  I struggle. I should just hire a magic gnome who would hit me over the head with a sledgehammer every night.

Let me add, in closing, that I discovered lots of nasty things in the urban dictionary that begin with z.  Some of them sound kind of fun.





5 thoughts on “ZZZ

  1. Try doing a google image search for just about anything. If you scroll down far enough you’ll surely find something someone is doing you thought only happened in certain kinds of movies…
    This post was actually quite funny despite it’s brevity. I’m looking forward (or backward) to scrolling through your challenge posts.

    http://www.stumblestandfly.blogspot,com A to Z Survivor!

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