imageIn the early early days of x-ray, technicians who took the pictures only had, at most, ten items that offered job sececurity: their fingers.  One by one the fingers dropped off, until the workers had to retire.

When I was a little kid, there were “fluoroscope” machines in shoe stores. I excitedly jammed my feet in to assure the perfect fit.  I still have ten toes, but only because I didn’t get new shoes very often.




I have had untold xrays of my chest, head, neck, stomach, knees, hips and other parts of my body, standing unprotected while the technition races for cover behind a lead lined wall.  And, oh yeah, all those radiation treatments after breast cancer.

Any moment, I will begin to leave a trail of body parts like cigarette ashes everywhere I go.  Keep a look out.

One thought on “X-ray

  1. Kreuger’s shoe store had one of those fluoroscopes when I was a kid. That and the absence of seat belts in our Oldsmobile 88 made for an exciting childhood. (And the shoe salesman always gave me shoes that were at least a half size to a size bigger than I needed. “She’ll grow into them.” Meanwhile, I walked around in clown shoes for a year.)

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