When I was 16, my friend Ann and I got jobs as waitresses at a local Golf and Country Club.  Just for the record, it is a terrible job for many reasons, then and now.

For awhile, we took the first shift at the Grill, where the early golfers ate breakfast.  There was a cruel, steep set of stairs from the Grill up to the kitchen.  The chefs were crabby.  One early morning , Ann called in an order for three bacon, egg and toast breakfasts.  When they were ready, she piled the plates in both hands and went to the staircase.  A second later we heard an awful sound of breaking dishes and a falling body.  We stood transfixed.  In a few seconds, Ann crawled up the stairs and called out “three bacon, egg and cheese breakfasts.”

The work was hard, gruelling and fast-paced, which is why I have always been a generous tipper.

Oh yeah there was that sexual overture I unexpectedly got from my boss, the brother- in-law of the club’s owner.  He caught me alone cleaning up the card room after the ladies had lunched and played bridge.  He came up behind me, slipped his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck.  I pulled away, turned and stared at him.  He asked me to be his mistress.  I was scared to death, but I looked him in the eye and said, “You are older than my father,”  and flounced out of the room.  I headed for my locker, took everything out, went home and told my dad.

My father got in his car, drove back, and had quite the chat with the owner. My would-be lover was demoted to an office job.

I never went back.  I had the luxury of doing that.  But not all waitresses do.  So remember this the next time you are eating out, and always be generous with your server.

Ann and I are still friends.



4 thoughts on “Waitress

  1. And do you remember when I reordered the chef made me pick up the toast and reuse it. I told him I would turn him into the board of health. We never got along too well after that. Thanks for the memories Linda.

    1. I didn’t renmember that part! My, weren’t we brave, mouthy Catholic high school babies. I remember a chef dropping a raw steak on the floor, saying “fell on paper,” and picking it up and slapping if on the grill

  2. I was a waitress in college, but I never could break that barrier…I only waitressed at a diner. The real money is in waiting tables in a place where alcohol is served. That’s the barrier I couldn’t break. I kept being turned down because apparently there’s a lot of competition for those jobs, especially in college towns. I always generously tip servers, unless they just suck–at which point I tip 15 percent. I also realize that servers aren’t responsible for anything but their service. A lot of people blame kitchen problems on the server and that’s just wrong!


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