Utterly Ridiculous

Let me begin by saying I’m not very outdoorsy.  For me, roughing it is a motel with blond furniture, a leaky faucet in the bathroom, and a black and white tv with plyers for channel changing.
So camping was crossed off my list after two tries.

On the first try, the first husband and I went with my dear friend Suzy and her husband.  It was a holiday weekend.  A group of Hell’s Angels camped next to us and ran their motorcycles up and down a road nearby.  All. Night. Long.  The next morning, Suzy and I walked down the road to use the bathroom.  A guy pulled up next to us in his car, rolled down the window and said “Pussy”, then drove away.  Overall, not a beautiful commune with nature.

Second try.  Same cast of characters, but add horses.  Also add in the middle of a National forest.  Stupid husband pitched tent on a small incline.  No padding, just sleeping bags. Wound up wadded in the downhill side of the tent. Bathroom was the side of a hill, where I peed in my own shoes, to great hilarity.

When I met Richard, I told him I would be willing to go camping with him, because I trusted that he would make it a good experience.  It was the greatest compliment I could give him.

We never went, and that’s fine with both of us.image


11 thoughts on “Utterly Ridiculous

  1. Very funny. A friend of mine went camping with her teenage kids and it was only good humour that got her through constantly rolling down to one side of the tent in the night because they were camped on the only pitch left on the campsite – on a steep hillside!

  2. Bob & I have camped “all over the world”. Not really that far, but lots in Europe – far better than US camping. I had NEVER camped, we quit our jobs, left the cat at Mom’s, flew to London & bought a bike. After touring & camping for six weeks, we returned on our first anniversary! I was thinkin’, “WOW – what will he find for next year?!” Camping is best done in Europe, or when you’re broke and MUST get the kids OUT – before murder happens! 😉

  3. My dad had a girlfriend once who used to say that her version of “roughing it” was a hotel without room service. I’m not quite so high-maintenance. My version would be sleeping in my own apartment with the windows open. But the windows need screens, and the temperature should be perfectly mild 70 degrees or below. 🙂 And, you know, room service at home sounds nice. (I think they call that pizza delivery…)

  4. laughing my socks off! I like to camp in a cabin by a lake with a roof that doesn’t leak and a man cooks for me on a toasty warm wood stove. and there’s a very big comfy bed too!

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