imageI was taught that revelation, at least the kind in the bible, was over, done, fini. God had said all he/she/ineffable unknown, thought was important, had zipped closed the mouth of revelation and turned away to do universy stuff.

Frankly, I believe that to be horseshit.

There is revelation everwhere you look.  The computer you’re looking at.  Thr Higgs-Bosun business.  The voices of Lucianno Pavarotti and Caruso.  Even the liquid you drink every morning to pry those eyelids open.

There is revelation in the fight for oppressed peoples, in the marchers for freedom.

There is revelation in babies of all species, human, animal and plant.

There is revelation in the stars, in the sheer impossibilty that we could be alone in this vast universe.

And that’s what keeps me going.image



3 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. There is a revelation everywhere you look indeed. The fight, the babies, the stars — well said. Much accomplished, still so much to fight for. Absolutely.
    Great post, thank you.

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