I have owned cats for nearly 50 years, and I would like to say that cat piss is the most deadly weapon in the world.

It can destroy your house, your marriage, your oriental rugs, and your friendships.

In fact, I would strongly suggest that we gather all the leaders of the world, all the terrorists, every enemy of peace everywhere, and equip them with back pack cylinders filled with cat piss and equipped with sprayers. Then we lock them in some airtight space and have them spray it out.  I would guarantee that within two hours, they would all be begging for release and would have signed, in blood, a peace agreement that would stand the test of time.

I currently have five cats, and they all piss only in the litter box.  I regard this as a miracle and thank god or whoever is in charge of the general chaos every single day.

I have had two rogue pissers in my lifetime.  You try everything.  You buy every known deoderizer and odor remover in the world.  Ultimately though, you have to make that tragic trip to the vet’s office and say goodbye.

I had a beautiful rug once.  It had been irrevocably damaged by cat piss.  I was ready to put it in the dumpster, but my husband rolled it up and put it by the curb.  “Nobody’s going to pick that up,” I insisted.  “We’ll see,” he quietly replied.

The next morning it was gone.  I have always pictured the unsuspecting man who threw it in the back of his pickup and took it home, thinking his wife would be so pleased.

I can see him taking it inside, proudly unrolling it for her and saying, ” Honey, look what I……..

God bless kitties!image




11 thoughts on “Piss

  1. For years my mother bred Persian kittens. They were very well bred and even won state championships up in Michigan. But one of the things that breeders feed Persians to make their coats extra silky is kidneys. If you think cat piss smells, try stepping into a home where a few pounds of kidneys have been simmering all afternoon. Makes your average highway rest stop seem like a Yankee Candle store in comparison.

  2. Your post cracked me up, especially the first paragraph! Yes, cat piss is simply awful. It always irritates me when cats in the neighborhood come up and spray on my deck. How do you get rid of that smell?! It lingers for weeks it seems…

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s letter brings!

    Michele at Angels Bark

      1. Lol! That’s about what it would take. Although I have noticed that in time it fades…

  3. Been there done that and lived on bare concrete floors after. Nature’s Miracle has developed “Just for Cats” and it is downright amazing. I also use Nature’s Miracle Crystal Cat Litter which is a bit more pricey but wonderful. When we moved to Colorado, there was no Petsmart anywhere around and though we could travel to New Mexico for a Petco, they no longer carry it. I went onto Amazon and found a deal, free shipping so Danny told me to order six bags. Since it lasts abut 6 weeks for one cat, they are stacked up and ready to use when changing time comes. There is never an odor except right after Yodi poops and seldom am I in the vicinity when that happens. After a few minutes, the odor is gone and there is never a urine smell. I also use a clear plastic storage container low enough for him to jump over but high enough that very little litter is left on the floor. In addition, I use a litter genie to scoop the poop into, works like a charm and makes disposal so simple. You didn’t ask for all of this and may have read it on my site but I can never resist passing on good news.

    You are the one person who might appreciate this story:

    This morning as I am happily typing away on my computer, Yodi jumps up on the chair and in front of my laptop which is on my lap (funny how that works). I kept moving him and telling him to get down and started to smell something rank. I recognized it as “butt juice”. I gave him a shove and made all my protestations of how gross he was. Then I discovered that the smell remained. No it was not mine! He had gotten his “butt juice” on my clean nightgown! I guess we should expect it with their “butthole” exposed all the time? Do the make diapers for cats?”😷😽

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