Open House

imageI opened my house for House Tour four or five times while I lived in Lafayette Square.  What that means is that you open your doors and allow several thousand people to walk through your home to look, comment, critique, complement or whatever.  The tours raise money to support the historic district.  Of course, I would knock myself out getting ready.

Many remarkable things were said during House Tour.  My favorite story happened on one Christmas Tour.  A Professor from a local university brought his wife and daughters to see my house.  We were chatting in the dining room, where the table was set with china, crystal, silver and an elegant centerpiece.  At that time, I had a horrible cat named Tober.  I also had a wonderful chocolate Standard Poodle named Marcus.

As we were chatting in the oh-so-elegant dining room, we heard a commotion in the kitchen.  All eyes turned to the kitchen door as Tober passed it, with Marcus humping him for all he was worth.  I was speechless.  Nobody said anything for a few seconds.

The professor turned to me and commented dryly “Now there’s a Christmas memory I won’t soon forget.”

And that’s why I loved House Tour.

3 thoughts on “Open House

  1. House Tour Memories are so fun. My personal fav was when I told the women who said she would not have had the courage to paint her living room salmon, then you would not have the courage to move to Lafayette Square. But Bill’s fav was when someone asked if we really slept in the half tester bed, I told, them no we sleep in a tent in the back yard.

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