Marcella, full of Grace

imageHer name was Grace Holloway.  She was from a big, Irish family.  Her father came from Ireland to be in the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, and never went home. Sorry about the crappy pic….you don’t get many photos of nuns.

Grace entered the convent and became Sister Marcella Marie Holloway.  She was a poet and playwright.  She was my Major Professor in college.  And she became my second mother. She was a big influence in my life, and I loved her dearly.

When she retired from teaching, I visited her regularly.  We had lunch together, talked about everything.  I sent her a Mother’s Day Card every year, and she saved every one

She began to be forgetful, to lose her way in her own convent.  Then she lost her way entirely, her brilliant mind caught in the maze of Alzheimers.  But she lived until she was 90, and still relished her glass of wine every evening.


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