Kathleen And Frannie and Me

imageOmg.  Prom night 1960.  Kathleen and Frannie and me.  Those were Catholic school prom dresses.  Yes, they were strapless, but the nuns insisted on covered shoulders, since the mere sight of clavicles was sure to drive our dates into a frenzy.  Frannie, on the left, had a date with John Charles Muehlberger.

That’s me in the middle.  I loved that dress. It was aqua, and had roses down the back.

My date was Richard Cansler, who would later marry someone and have a passel of kids. The most memorable thing that happened to me that night was that when Richard brought me home and came around the car to let me out, I somehow managed to walk right up the front of my dress and fall down.  Richard never asked me out again.

On the right is Kathleen, my beloved friend KB.  I don’t remember who her date was. The most important thing about her dress is that, to cover her clavicles, her mother had created a jacket out of netting so cruel and jagged that by the end of the night, her underarms were bleeding.

Of the three of us, I would have to say Frannie had the best time.

Perhaps it was because she wore white opera gloves.

The prom theme that year was “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was.”  So appropriate.

It just occured to me that KB is the only one not showing any clavicles at all.  Her mom was really strict.


11 thoughts on “Kathleen And Frannie and Me

  1. The best thing about those scarves, if I remember correctly, was I could stuff the boobs part of the dress….and look bigger 🙃

  2. You gals looked sooooooo pretty. I was transported back into time. And I am sure you you must gorgeous in person too. In India, we don’t have the concept of prom nights and all. We learn about it from books and movies 🙂

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