I had just turned 50, just gone through a terrible divorce that involved betrayal of the worst kind.

And then I was told that my heart was broken.

Really, truly, medically broken.  After a shortness of breath sent me to my doctor, he sent me directly to the hospital.

After a few tests, I was told I had cardiomyopathy and was in heart failure. I told them they must be mistaken.  I had driven myself to the hospital!  Gradually, I accepted the fact that my life was forever changed.  After that, here’s what happened:     I sold my house.  I got a new job.  I met my future husband.  I had a device implanted that paces both chambers of my heart, and is also a defibrillator, and am still here. Take that, heartbreak!





10 thoughts on “Heartbreak

  1. I stopped here as part of the blog hop-but got so hooked I read a ton of your posts! So many treasures. I was moved by every one. From the 93 year old with so much dignity (and a kind roommate) to the little girl who nearly got trampled by a bull, and the ugly truth of racism. Just fantastic. Keep up the great work!


  2. I have a heart condition as well. I am only 29, but was diagnosed with long qt syndrome when I was 14 (symptoms started at 11, right before turning 12). It’s a heart arrhythmia disorder. I have been fortunate to have it under control by medicine. I’m sorry you had to go through your own disorder, but great attitude. I’m going to be telling my story through a series of blog posts in May at Writing With Meg
    ~Meg (The blog I’m using for the A to Z challenge is down below.)
    Writer‘s Crossings

  3. Wow ! i loved the way you got back at heart break . I would love to read you again. You have a great way to look at life, in a chilled out way 🙂

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