Quite a long time ago, smoking was thought to be terribly sophisticated.

image  This was an error.

  One day, my friend KB and I were having lunch at Sidney’s on the Country Club Plaza.  We were both smoking, holding our cigarettes delicately between fingers with polished nails, chatting.

I tapped my cigarette gently in the ashtray to remove some accumulated ash, and brought it back to my mouth.  On the end of it was a huge gob of chewing gum.

 We transformed instantly from sophisticated ladies to laughing, wheezing, snorting, out of control, making a big scene idiots.

It would remain a treasured memory forever.


9 thoughts on “GUM

  1. Ha! I love these moments. There is nothing like the sort of laughter that takes over your being and makes you lose all ability to remain sophisticated! I once read a student ‘rag mag’ put in through our car window on the way shopping. There was a list of reasons people had given to insurance companies for their car crash. They were so funny i just collapsed, and when everyone got out of the car , I found I couldn’t walk for laughing and slumped over our car, actually drooling… and my family left me there. ~Liz

  2. This is one of my favorite stories about you and Mom. She loved to tell this one. The part I remember most about the story is that when you took a drag, your eyes focused on the wad of gum, slightly crossing. Always reminds me of Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy when she burns her fake nose.

    Love you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. those random moments of silliness are the best. our house is full of them when my sister and her friend (she who bringeth chaos) are together at the house. it’s a ball to be around them.

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