imageimage                                   When the little German nun handed me my brand-new blue Baltimore Catechism, it was like a warm how-de-do from the Roman Catholic Church

But when I opened it up, it presented hundreds of ways I could sin and wind up in hell forever. Although I had been baptized as an infant, our family had been sort of casual on the whole sin torture, bleeding, crucifixion, eat this body, drink this blood stuff.  I had no idea it was a murder-based religion, and that I was, an inadvertant part of the crime.

My first venture into Catholic School in second grade was a cataclysmic spiritual event from which I am still recovering.  And Baltimore?  They were having an altar-boy festival of large proportions that would make the church ashamed of itself, but only when  they were caught 30 years later.    I wonder now about what size balls it takes to diddle  young boys and print blue catechisms telling 7-year old me what to do to be worthy enough to learn to kneel and stand so I could  try to gag down the driest cookies ever created at Mass every weekday  and Sunday.

It was a bad fit from the beginning. The little book of horrors.  And me.


7 thoughts on “Catechism/Cataclysm

  1. Wow! You’ve said it well! I’m sure that there are people out there who would condemn you, but not me. One can be spiritual/have faith/believe in God, but not believe the dogma of “the church.”

  2. That diagram of the Trinity is one of the reasons organized religion and I don’t get along. I was lousy at geometry and I don’t understand this equilateral triangle mumbo-jumbo any better. I have the little Bible that my dad was given at around age 12 when he probably was baptized. (His family went to the Baptist church, which he never set foot in again after he was out on his own.) His pastor had written “Romans 6:23” on the first page and signed it. I thought it most likely was something warm and fuzzy for a newly baptized young person. Wrong. I looked it up and it starts out “The wages of sin are death…” So much for warm and fuzzy.

  3. I must admit, I was scared to even open the article when I saw the photo now I’m glad 🙂 I agree with Bish, Well written and funny 🙂 I don’t attend it either. Best regards!

  4. not being a religious person in the least …and for many good reasons-some of which are:
    1. why does the Pope get to wear jewelry and gold encrusted robes while visiting the slums in Rio de Janerio?
    2. why are there churches? Can’t we all just go to each others homes and pray?
    3. and so forth and so on….

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