When I was four, I faced death under a barn lot fence. I had been warned not to go there.

But a warning from my Uncle Bert meant nothing compared to the fiery lure of the tiny kitten that had just scurried under the fence and dashed through a jagged hole in the grey wood barn.
I did not hesitate a second, and crawled under the fence,my Sunday dress catching on splinters along my back and sending clouds of hot dust to cling to my hot, wet face.  I got through, stood up, and

In the flashbulb moment, there he was!

His eyes were on me, and I had forgotten all about the fluffy kitten.  He had not moved yet, and neither had I, but he was making a kind of chuffing noise.  I began to back away slowly, feeling for the rough board fence.

I found it, and soon as I did, I dropped to my belly, low-crawling my way backward. He rushed the fence with angry, astonishing speed.

I could feel my dress catching and tearing on the splintered railing, and the ashy grey dust on my face and in my mouth. I heard him hit the fence.  I now knew what danger really meant.  But I was already making up a safe, squasy lie for my mother as to just how my dress got torn and the palms of my hands had dusty blood on them.



14 thoughts on “Bull.

  1. Kitty was never seen again…was probably back witw mom and siblings. I was only four, so I definitely had wandered too far from the house. I think my cover story had to do with seeing a spider in the outhouse, running out and falling in the gravel

  2. I am in love with your style and formatting – your words are equally great. There’s a lot to be said about a writer who can condense large amounts of information and/or feelings with few words. Great story!
    Your Fellow A-Zer,

    1. Thank you for your kind words. As for my writing style, it comes from years of writingin the ad business, The best advice I was ever given was 1. Write like you talk ane use as few words as possible to tell the story. I love your tale of your fitst car theft!

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