A Million Reasons

  • Not to watch the news
  • To despise fascism in all its TrumpMussoliniHitler transmogrifications
  • Not to be scared of most spiders
  • To love my husband
  • To wear clean underwear cause you never know
  • To vote
  • To love cats and dogs
  • To be thankful that women don’t wear girdles or half slips anymore
  • To love bees, because without them we could starve
  • To watch The Walking  Dead (I know)
  • To adore toddlers, with their beer bellies and saggy diapers and kissable bare feet
  • To love my Jennifer, daughter of the heart
  • To look at old family photos looking for clues about who I am and why
  • To fear flying
  • To love Lifeboat, The Bishop’s Wife, Casablanca and Groundhog Day
  • To remember how funny John Candy was
  • For being funny to hide the pain
  • To make my husband laugh
  • To make lists every once in awhile
  • To mourn
  • Not to resent my pacemaker/defibrillator or replaced knees
  • image.jpeg To say fuck whever I like, and to be snarky, sarcastic or sweet in turn, because I’m not going quietly.

That is all.  We now return to our regular programming.

4 thoughts on “A Million Reasons

  1. The “F” bomb has come with stress! Much much more often as I get older! But if you don’t watch news, I suppose you read news? How can you decide to vote! Last, but not least…..I’m glad you’ve decided to NOT GO QUIETLY!!!!!

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