We were not amused

Actually, that isn’t quite accurate.



This is the most hilarious picture ever taken of me and my beloved friend, KB.  It may well be one of the funniest pictures of all time.

It was taken at the height of a St. Louis summer, which, as most people know, can be very, very tall.  It was definitely a swimming pool day.  KB and her family were visiting from Kansas City, and we had an open invitation to use a friend’s pool.

KB and I both hated heat and humidity, and neither of us wanted to appear in a swimsuit, for fairly obvious reasons.  But the children were excited, so we caved.

We each chose, not intentionally, the most unattractive garb we had.

Everyone was having great water fun, screaming, splashing fun.  Except the two of us.

Our hair was stringy.  Sweat was streaming down our backs and legs. Our expressions of disgust were perfect.

KB’s husband was a  great photographer.  He knew an opportunity when he saw one, and he stealthed around to capture us unaware.

One of the greatest laughs we ever had was our first look at this picture.  All these years later, I laugh every time I see it.  Wherever she is, I know KB laughs too.




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