Hollow Ween

Although I collected more than my fair share of trick-or-treat goodies when I was a kid, the best Halloween I ever had was when I was in my 40s.

That was the year of The Greater and Lesser Antilles.

Each year, some wonderful friends threw a themed Halloween Party. One year it was Senior Prom, and the most memorable costume was a guy with about a hundred mirrors stuck to him as the mirrored ball featured in so many proms. One year it was The Royal Wedding.  But the one I will cherish forever was Come as Your Favorite Island.

My friend KB was visiting that weekend, and on the morning of the party, we were still stumped for a costume.

Before I go any further, this is us, wearing our Camp Fire gear.  It has nothing to do with our costume, but says worlds about our state of mind whenever we were together:                                                                                  image

So anyway, I had a Eureka moment that morning.  We would go as The Greater and Lesser Aunt Tillies!!!

We went to Goodwill and rounded up the finest, dowdiest Aunt Tilly dresses, hats , purses, shoes and baggy stockings we could find.  We put hankies in our purses.  We wore vintage  jewelry that would be the envy of every aunt Tilly who ever lived.

And we walked into that party, arms linked and saying, “she is the greater Aunt Tilly, and I am the lesser Aunt Tilly, and together, we are the Greater and Lesser Antilles.”  It was a huge hit.

So why do I title this entry Hollow Ween?  Because the best of the Aunt Tillys died several years ago.  And I can’t find a soul who took a picture of  us that night.  Fortunately, I have one in my mind.

8 thoughts on “Hollow Ween

  1. Brilliant! I love it. My husband was a dentist and I was a hygienist and once we went to a dental hygiene school Halloween party as a lymph node (him) and a case of white hairy tongue (me.) His costume was a white sheet that covered him from neck to knees and was stuffed to make it round. We drew blood vessels on it with markers and he wore red tights. My costume was a red leotard and tights and an old sheepskin rug attached at the neckline. We had trimmed it into the shape of a tongue and it hung loosely down in front of me. I would occasionally “lick” people with it during the party. I think we won a prize, but I’m not sure because there was a lot imbibing going on and my memory of it is almost as fuzzy as my costume. 🙂

  2. Me Three! I can see you two right now!! Greater and Lesser,Aunt Tillies……of course, you being a he tallest….was the Greater one!! I always thought it would be fun to “crash” one of those Halloween parties without the hosts knowing we were coming!! Wonder whatever happened to Toms black robe……….? 😳

  3. A riff on a great pun. I love it. My favorite Halloween ever I went to a party dressed as Moses. The party’s host was a guy I really did not like, but this was the party everyone was going to that year. I was overjoyed that he did not recognize me (too much fake beard and eyebrows) and never figured out who I was that whole night.

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